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Timber Buying & Harvesting


friendly contracts (that protect you!), flexible terms and schedules, certificates of insurance & hold-harmless agreements, certified crews, follow-up services (see "Services"), load security system and tax assistance for basis recovery (whether purchased or inherited). If you're considering selling your land in the foreseeable future (see Real Estate), we can assess everything and present a way to monetize portions of the timber value while protecting property marketability. Our mill coverage and delivery capacity is extensive (see "We Keep Good Company") and provides us pricing power and transportation logistics many small companies may not have for all products. So if you look at the spectrum of possible outcomes, and the hazards are there..., you'll find we're a good partner for....

"Your Investment That Keeps on Growing...."

Marketing and harvesting timber can be an intimidating process; it involves heavy logging machinery, safety, operator comprehension, trucking logistics, road construction, mill schedules, weather, contracts, liabilities, time tables, aesthetics, utilities, property lines, titles, insurance, permits, bonds, integrity and security (will you get properly paid!). There's concerns for the environment, wildlife, recreation, real estate and water quality.... It's complicated!

With a focus on job quality, The Good Forty shoulders these responsibilities and leads the process through to completion. Our graduate foresters provide free inspections, estimates and recommendations (do you know the three ways to make money growing trees?). We use landowner-

Pine Thinning to 60 BA

Real Estate Harvest

Mixed Pine-Hardwood Thinning


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